LolaGrove's key features for maintaining excellent data hygiene, transparency and control

LolaGrove provides the full range of input methods. When capturing data, LolaGrove can perform sophisticated compliance and validation mechanisms using its ‘smart forms’.


Truly dynamic, LolaGrove can be simply configured to sequence the checks necessary to validate that records conform with the Commissioner’s specifications.


In real time, LolaGrove can, ‘diversify’ data records by appending and enriching them with data provided by exchange partners. This added depth and breadth means the Commissioner can make better decisions.


Combining the dynamics and diversity to deliver the maximum commercial benefit, LolaGrove can score, flag, reprice, prioritise and reroute data as required by the Commissioner.


LolaGrove can output to multiple data recipients in multiple formats, in parallel, eliminating decay and accelerating ‘next actions’. A configurable real time reporting interface delivers critical business intelligence.


LolaGrove provides vital ancillary services, documenting and publishing the commercial & data processing rules – including consents, and their removal – which help resolve disputes swiftly and efficiently.

About lolagrove

World class and nimble automated data processing

LolaGrove is a data processor, specifically designed to overcome the systemic issues inherent in the buying and selling of personal and other data.

Every company that buys and sells data experiences levels of ineffectiveness and inefficiency: they waste time and money. Often, it stems from the validity of the data, but also from the complexities of deploying data swiftly, accurately, and securely. LolaGrove's features ensure that the data is fit for purpose, and automates the end-to-end process.

Much is written about Big Data, but we believe in small data made 3 dimensional. LolaGrove is a data automation business delivering overwhelmingly compelling solutions through better dynamics, diversification and decisions.

  • Small Data | 3D

    LolaGrove automates the delivery of a 3D data solution

  • dynamics

    Validation and verification are automated and delivered in real time.

  • diversification

    A second party data exchange delivers greater breadth and depth of understanding

  • decision

    Smarter decisions deliver demonstrable uplift in value


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